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The Ultimate Siding


Maintenance Free! No scraping, sanding or painting.

Colors are virtually fade-free! Revolutionary technology finish offers superior resistance to fading far beyond any other vinyl siding in the market.

polarWallPlusLogoThe Polar Wall Exterior System features a foam laminated backing for added strength and rigidity. Panels, once installed, create a hard, firm wall of protection against weathering elements and high winds.

The combination of solid vinyl siding and foam lamination give the Polar Wall Exterior System greater impact resistance to better absorb the shock of impacting objects. Versus non-reinforced panels, Polar Wall can provide up to 300% more impact resistance.

A Permeable Water Vapor Solution – Helps restore healthy breathing to your home. It’s designed to allow water vapor to escape through the foam and dissipate into the air, keeping moisture away from the interior walls. The Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System has a permeability rating of 5.0. That’s up to 5 times more than most house wraps!

Fullback Thermal Support SystemSIDING
• Eliminates hollow voids and adds rigidity to siding.
• Wraps your home in a “Wall of Protection” and completely eliminates the air gap between your exterior wall
• Eliminates drafts – no hot spots from summer hear, no cold spots from wintery weather.
• Provides four times the “R” value of conventional siding underlayments.