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The Ultimate Door


Entry Doorsoutside-door1
Our compression weather-strip forms a weather-tight seal. The resilient foam is impervious to moisture and maintains its shape. We offer high-performance weather-strip and bottom sweep upgrades to further strengthen your weather barrier of your entry. Polaris decorative glasslites are hand assembled by craftsmen. Wavy textures, tiny bubbles and other natural effects of art glass all reflect light differently. The metal framework is filled with moving light. The result is a unique, quality work of art.

patiodoorPatio Doors
Smooth gliding, solid steel zinc-plated tandem rollers, with an iridium coating on exposed parts to protect against corrosion. Products put through rigourous testing at our in-factory testing facility. R&D ensures our products are top quality.

A strike of 100 lbs. broke the wood-edge stile and opened the door. To open the steel-edged door it required 7 strikes of 100 lbs. of pressurecross-cut-door2  cross-cut-door1